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Our Mission ⚗️ Family Alchemy 

Our mission is to help people connect with our unique approach called Family Alchemy. Think of the family as a container that holds each person. When life brings different conditions or stresses, the elements inside the container react with each other, sparking a transformation.

Let’s join forces to strengthen your bonds and bring more love into your life! 

– Madeline & Miles 💞

Couples Fish Bowl 🐟 Group Therapy

Are you and your partner looking to deepen your connection and heal together? Join us for Couples Fishbowl, the ultimate virtual, group therapy experience!

This 5-week program helps you break free from patterns and uncover deeper emotional needs through guided Zoom sessions and shared wisdom.

Break Free from Patterns: Identify and overcome recurring issues in your relationship.

Uncover Deeper Emotional Needs: Discover what truly lies beneath everyday conflicts.

Reflective Listening: Learn effective communication techniques to better understand each other.

Shared Wisdom: Gain insights from the experiences of other couples.

Intimate Setting: Limited to 6 couples, ensuring personalized attention and support.

Early bird registration is just $450. Limited to 6 couples, so don’t miss out on this intimate, transformative journey!

Couples Therapy

Often the tension that arises in relationships is caused by the lack of shared meaning and purpose. This will cause conflicts in people even when they are being authentic. Many couples do not realize that their goals and purposes are misaligned and are completely surprised when they begin to get resentful. Creating a shared meaning and purpose for life can heal a relationship. This can be done when the clients revise the narrative, their stories that explain who they are and how they arrived where they are in the present.

We ( Madeline and Miles) offer couples sessions and monthly host a Couples Dinner Therapy where several couples are invited to come and have discussions, listen and share experiences. To deepen the conversation, we are utilizing a Fishbowl therapy approach, as seen above. 

Group Therapy

I have found that groups provide vivid containers for what needs attention in us. In groups, the focus is the whole, not the individual. Through the collective grows a shared knowledge that speaks through the participants. As respect and curiosity grow in the group we can cultivate a new way to listen and relate beyond defense and attempts to hide. Yes this will bring some grit, that’s how we do it.

Join our Motherhood Through the Seasons Support Group!