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From right relation and co-creation, we are building a new foundation!



  “Couples Fishbowl” Winter/Spring 2024

After being in a “couple” and tracking couples, it seems we need to mirror each other in a bigger conversation. We invite couples excited about relationships built on honoring our individual needs and being fully authentic with one another to this experience.

This project has been so awakening to our patterns and how we are, like so many, sick and tired of the same fight. Let’s use the mirrors and shared genius to meet what blocks our love in creative, playful ways.

We have been working two-on-two with couples since the fish bowl didn’t always allow the vulnerable shares to be expressed. What are the triggers that get you caught in those unhealthy relationship patterns? What is the emotion underneath that feeds that response? What is the shared vision for your lives together?

Use the emotion-like lotion if you are ready to get real, laugh, and feel the healing feelings. We are doing one-hour sessions for 150 an hour. 

We are welcoming all people to the three weeks and the pop-ups. We are planning to create in-person fish bowls soon. 

Contact us if you’re interested:

Leave your info in join the CFB if you want to be made aware of our pop-up topic-focused Fish Bowl Conversations. 


“Hike and Heal”

Nature is healing. Join our guided hike through a state park to connect to the elements and deepen your connection to the Earth. Hiking together we open space for a group process observing, meditating, and reflecting on the perspective a couple hours among the mountains, trees, and lakes can provide. If you are looking for a peaceful group to venture into the wilderness and embrace its healing, join us.

Wilderness Therapy Guide: Chris Scacco

Date & Time: Sundays 10am- 3pm, check @hikeandhealed for the  schedule.

Location: Location details will be sent to your email after filling out registration form. All hikes will be around the Tri-State area, and often Harriman State Park.

Cost: 10, 15, 20 dollars through Venmo following instructions received in email after filling out Registration Form or through Paypal link.

If you have any questions, email

For the latest updates, follow @hikeandhealed on Instagram.


“Sisterhood Satsang”

Growing True as a “SHE” in the pure reflections of my sisters is so rich in laughter, creativity,  tears, and lessons on relationships. Through the divine mirrors of sisters, so much is revealed sometimes its parts unhealed, its patterns that magnetize, and sometimes it is just an exchange of wisdom from a sovereign position. After 30 years of growing sister support groups, it has become crystal clear that we can co-create a shared frequency of harmony when we consciously meet in a safe place to grow our grace. We grow grace in the pure reflections as our compassion grows from their hearts shares. We tune in, we breathe deep, we set a tone for the shares, we pass the stick, we light our candles, we listen, we share, we sing, we dance, we pray and we play.

Sisterhood Satsang: Tuning True 2024-2026 Birthing Our Essence. The next step is a call out to all sisters aligned to tuning true and would like to synchronize in prayer monthly. We lead Zoom Satsangs on the third Friday of the month at 7:30 PM EST. Zoom Link available on Registration. Donation only to the pot of gold to grow our shared values and vision of shared prayer for harmony in our universal family for right relation and co-creation, we are building a new foundation. 


Two or three sisters or more who would like to hold circles in their area informed by our shared genius to grow grace and harmony in our families by tuning true. I will start a new circle in Utah and would like to offer the itinerary to the satsangs with lots of creative freedom to those who feel aligned. This is a calling to grow a Moondance prayer in New Jersey & Southern Utah. These are for women, though we need the men to support us as we meet in sacred circles to be purified in the moon.  we honor the ages and stages; we make prayer ties in all directions, dance in the moon and rest in the day, and purify with sweat lodges twice a day to clear our vessels to be the sacred altars we all are. All to support emotional sovereignty so we can all tune true and come in for shared vision to use our gifts for the good of all. 

Donation only!  to the pot of gold to grow our shared values and vision of shared prayer for harmony in our universal family for right relation and co-creation, we are building a new foundation. 

I pray I leave everything better than I found it, inspired to be true. GWTS is alive in co-creations to support a strong foundation. Here We Grow!

3 rd Annual Family “Farmony” Week at Earthman Farm  TBD

We hope to make this an annual event so stay tuned for future updates!

As part of our “Motherhood Through the Seasons” series, and “Sisterhood in the Woods” Week at Earthman Farm has evolved to  “Family Farmony Week ” Madeline will be setting up camp and holding fire for the sisters and brothers to gather to ground deeper in our sovereignty and connection to the elements. 

July 07 th:  Arrival, build our spaces, play, and create with sisters. Expect music, camping, and storytelling!

July 8th: Farm tours, and local shopping for our week’s delicacies. We will weed and harvest for the week’s food! Fires every night we are on the land, dance, play and pray. 

July 9 th Maker market will be at the farm. We will start with yoga and elemental connection and finish with a singing time by the piano. 

July 10th Possible spa night additional cost for this adventure, $30 per person. 

July 11th  Tuesday Sour dough Pizza making with garden veggies.

Wednesday 7/12 Hikes and River visits locally, family Fire Medicine in the night.

Thursday,7/13Initiate the labyrinth and Sunset at High Point. 

July 14nd: Friday, Sisterhood Satsang and Building Brotherhood followed by a Dance Party. 

July 15th Close up, farm love, harvest, pack out,  music w friends of the farm.   A magical ending to a life changing week. 

Please fill out the registration form. The event is by donation. All funds from this event will go toward covering costs and fundraising efforts for Earthman Farms. 

$20 a night for camping

$9 for food each meal

$15 for each cacao ceremony

$12-$18 medicine-making depending what you take home.

Otherwise give what flows!

Come for the day or camp with us for the week!

If you have any questions, email

The Card Players

5 + 7 =

“Call to the Cards”

Upon feeling a deep call from the cards to play for win-win outcomes, Madeline began studying Cardology with Rashad Jones. Now she invites her GWTS family community to join the project to analyze each personality type. The cards give us wisdom about our nature based on the cards we play and the values from which we negotiate life.  If you want to participate in the research, fill out the form for the “Call to the Cards” 2024 – 2026.

Each week, we discuss the week’s energy on YouTube Live @ Rashadndcards.and @guidedbythecards

Using this chart, you can find what card you are based on your birthday and pick the matching upcoming date. Join the Zoom calls on Tuesdays to hear Rashad and Madeline discuss the family alchemy of the cards. 

Rashad Jones is a Cardology researcher, consultant, and life coach. By applying personality types based on birth dates to a standard deck of playing cards, Cardology provides an opportunity for self-reflection with the empowering metaphor of “playing your cards.” Each birthday has an identity and purpose. This tool serves a role similar to Astrology, Human Design, and Myers-Briggs Personality Tests. Rashad is a student of this tool that is here to help guide people toward personal fulfillment and self-awareness. If you are interested in diving deeper, you can book a reading with Rashad. You should include your birthday and location of birth in notes. The exact time is very helpful and will lead to better results. 

To learn more about cardology, visit Rashad’s website or follow him on Instagram @rashadncards for updates on the specific cards featured on the weekly “Call to the Cards.”