Growing With The Seasons LLC
Center for Inspiration
& Family Therapy Practice

Our Mission

Family Alchemy

We share Family Alchemy as a way of approaching the challenges of being in a family. The family is a container that holds each person. When the container is brought into different conditions or stresses, the elements inside react with each other. A transformation begins.


Growing the Gold

All the magic happens inside the family to grow the gold of the mind, spirit, and soul of each of its members. Our mission is harmonizing our family by bringing them into the vibration of the one heart through adventures in counseling.

Individual Therapy

In an individual therapy session, clients will explore their patterns of thought and behavior. You may find the right therapist for you among the members of our team. Together we create a plan to meet your wholeness from a strengths-based perspective. 

Couples and Family Therapy

The relationship dynamics we engage in set the tone in our homes. When we can communicate as a couple, we stand firm and love for real. Please check out our couple’s work to reflect your journey, and book a session with Madeline and Miles.

Group Therapy

Groups provide vivid containers for what needs attention in us. The focus is the whole, not the individual. We facilitate process-oriented group therapy sessions throughout the year including a support group for moms, wilderness therapy, and couples counseling fishbowl events.

Hello! I’m Madeline

Licensed Therapist LPC LCADC ACS
Founder and Clinical Director of Growing With The Seasons

Welcome to dreams come true! This way of coming together with shared vision and encouraging hearts to access their unique gifts has been a driving force for my life. My relationships to others has been my greatest resource in learning about myself and appreciating the ages and stages of the human experience.

To every session and offering I bring my full life experience:

• Masters in Counseling from Montclair State University
• Hypnotist Certification
• Complex Trauma Certification
• Kundalini Yoga Teacher
• My unapologetic authentic expression.
• Marriage, Friendship, Divorce, Co-Parenting, Co-Creation, Sisterhood and all the ages and stages so far of being a woman

To learn more about the Our New Voice podcast and The New Tooth Prayer album, go explore our Resources Page.

Zahra’s Success Story

I have recommended so many people to her… I say, ‘You gotta go to Madeline. She’ll change your life.’ and I’m sure I’m not the only one.” – Zahra S. 

Madeline’s client Zahra finds true happiness after panic attacks, addiction, and divorce.

Click to read the story.

Our Approaches are
a Rich Basket


We are a team of therapists and facilitators, each with unique backgrounds sharing our depth and breadth of practices. Our work is to hold space for you to see clearly where the places of conflict root and are looking for attention to be integrated.

Our relational approach involves laughter and story-telling. We have found there is an undeniable influence our narratives have on our well being. Imagine telling the story like it is all happening for you and you are amazed at the magical way what you need has always come for you to grow through the beginnings and endings, over and over again.

For each of us the role we cocreate comes with a prescription of expectations we can take very seriously. Our self concept can be easily bruised when we are attached. The ability to laugh at oneself is a great liberation to the energy that tries to be “perfect” at what each decides perfect is. We are here to enjoy ourselves and share our unique gifts. The idea of ourselves can be very insulating and comforting, so the truth can be triggering. So let’s consider Triggers are meant for you. Will you hurt or heal? How you respond is your power. We believe in your ability to grow true and be the purest version of you.

Methods we use include:

Client-centered therapy, interpersonal relational therapy using DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy), CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), hypnosis, kundalini yoga, nature-based inspired therapy, strengths-based models, Jungian techniques and shadow work, Adlerian, intuitivebased cardology, astrology and human design, tarot cards and runes, ritual work, etc.

Seasonal Offerings for what you’re searching for…

Parenting Support

Parenting can be tough stuff! All is revealed in the mirrors of the divine teachers our children came here to be for us. We can guide them by offering curiosity and encouragement to the gifts they are here to share. As parents we may also need support in accepting the choices of others and learning how we may have grown attached to outcomes that are somewhat distorted. Our team is passionate about supporting parents in their journey to raise families. 

Join our Motherhood Through The Seasons Support Group 

Couples Counseling

Often the tension that arises in relationships is caused by the lack of shared meaning and purpose. This will cause conflicts in people even when they are being authentic. Many couples do not realize that their goals and purposes are misaligned and are completely surprised when they begin to get resentful. Creating a shared meaning and purpose for life can heal a relationship. This can be done when the clients revise the narrative, their stories that explain who they are and how they arrived where they are in the present.

Join our Couples Fishbowl Therapy

Wilderness Therapy

Allowing ourselves to slow down, connect to our bodies, the natural world and its cycles is essential for cultivating peace of mind. We are able to show up better when we take care of ourselves. Nurturing our connection to nature is an essential part of maintaining our center to grow in tune with the seasons. Away from our daily routines, fully present to the beauty of being alive, we cultivate spaciousness in our hearts and our minds. Meditating in nature, listening to its wisdom, often helps us recharge and get a new perspective so we can heal from what we go through.

Join our Hike & Heal Sessions


“Your deepest pain empowers you to grow into your highest self.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, we are currently in network with most insurance companies (BCBS, United, Aetna) for individual therapy sessions. We accept self-pay for group therapy and couple’s therapy sessions.

Are you licensed?

We are licensed in New Jersey.

Are you in person or virtual?

Most of our sessions are taking place virtually this year. There is an option for in-person sessions to happen at our office in Denville, NJ or Highland Lakes, NJ seasonally, upon request. We have live workshops and events planned throughout the year.

Which therapist will I work with?

The one that is going to work best with you! We work with each person’s availability and specialties to find a great fit.